The Real Toy Story

January 2018 - Technical Assistant The Real Toy Story project / Michael Wolf by Robin Butter

The beginning of January I enjoyed my weeks, with being part of the build up team of Michael Wolf's major retrospective exhibition at the Photo museum in The Hague. 
I've been a huge fan of Wolfs work ever since I 'discovered' his photobook 'Tokyo Compression' during my first year at the Art Academy. 

I am very thankful to have been part of this side project. 

About The Real Toy Story

Wolf’s impressive, wall-sized installation entitled The Real Toy Story (2004-2018) is a commentary on industrial mass production in China. A vast mass of ‘Made in China’ toys (around 20,000 in all, covering 40 square metres of wall) flanks the photographs he took of workers in Chinese toy factories. The shy and sometimes resigned faces of the individual workers stand in sharp contrast to the overwhelming mass of cheap toys.

Until Apr-22-2018 (GO SEE IT!)


Robin-Butter Photomuseum DenHaag Michael-Wolf Fotomuseum The Hague The Real Toy Story technical assistant