Maandag 1 oktober GKf avond - Join us! by Robin Butter

Robin Butter It takes My Mind Off Things Special Edition.jpg

Maandag 1 oktober GKf avond

Met Robin ButterJaap van den Beukel en John van Hamond
Inloop 19.30u, start om 20.00u.
Locatie Het Veem, Van Diemenstraat 412, 1013 CR Amsterdam.
Entree aan de Oostkant van het gebouw nemen, nr 410 De Veemvloer, opgang restaurant BAK.

Maandag 1 oktober aanstaande organiseren Dolph Kessler, Bert Verhoeff en Vivian Keulards weer een GKf avond. Deze keer presenteren drie nieuwe en getalenteerde leden hun werk. Robin Butter, Jaap van den Beukel en John van Hamond zullen deze avond vertellen over hun projecten en zichzelf. Uiteraard onder het genot van mooie beelden. Het belooft een mooie avond te worden!

Na afloop drinken we nog gezellig een borrel of ‘n glaasje fris met ons allen. Wees welkom!
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July 2018 - Family of No Man, Cosmos Arles Books, by Robin Butter

Re-visioning the world through non-male eyes 

The Family of No Man is the culmination of an open call that has brought together 494 female and inter-gender artists from all around the world working in the medium of photography. The aim of this radical curatorial proposition is to revisit Edward Steichen’s original The Family of Man, a seminal photographic exhibition and publication from 1955, which in its time was described “as one of the most ambitious undertakings in an art museum”. Performing the patterns and production modes of the original project, which garnered both appraisal and controversy, The Family of No Man is conceived of as an open-ended physical and virtual platform of how the world today is seen through non-male eyes. The participants’ works are displayed in a series of interactive outdoor and indoor installations while new images, uploaded in real time to an online platform, will constantly update the selection during the Cosmos Arles Books week. This material in tandem with the visitors’ contributions will be deposited in a time capsule. Through its visual discourse, program of talks and parallel actions, The Family of No Man aspires to establish a critical space for an all-inclusive debate on gender equality, photography and its historiography. 

Exhibition curated by Brad Feuerhelm and Natasha Christia. 

Exhibition: July 2-8, 2018
Cosmos Arles Books


Robin Butter-FamilyofNoMan-2897.jpg
Robin Butter-FamilyofNoMan-2891.jpg
Robin Butter-FamilyofNoMan-2892.jpg

February 2018 - Interview Cafe Obscura during Rotterdam Photo by Robin Butter

Cafe Obscura Life with Michel Maat interviewed me during Rotterdam Photo. Kudos for Michel; interviewing all of the exhibitors. Over the course of 2 hours. 
BTW I am also joking about the "Kill me" think cloud. 

As a photographer I think it is important to give presentations, talks to (your) audience. 
To talk about the work you create! 
Even though it excites, me, a lot, every, single, time. SUPER nervous. 

Robin Butter intverview Cafe Obscura Rotterdam Photo Festival 2018

January 2018 - Technical Assistant The Real Toy Story project / Michael Wolf by Robin Butter

The beginning of January I enjoyed my weeks, with being part of the build up team of Michael Wolf's major retrospective exhibition at the Photo museum in The Hague. 
I've been a huge fan of Wolfs work ever since I 'discovered' his photobook 'Tokyo Compression' during my first year at the Art Academy. 

I am very thankful to have been part of this side project. 

About The Real Toy Story

Wolf’s impressive, wall-sized installation entitled The Real Toy Story (2004-2018) is a commentary on industrial mass production in China. A vast mass of ‘Made in China’ toys (around 20,000 in all, covering 40 square metres of wall) flanks the photographs he took of workers in Chinese toy factories. The shy and sometimes resigned faces of the individual workers stand in sharp contrast to the overwhelming mass of cheap toys.

Until Apr-22-2018 (GO SEE IT!)


Robin-Butter Photomuseum DenHaag Michael-Wolf Fotomuseum The Hague The Real Toy Story technical assistant 

October 2017 - Theatrical Poster / Flyer 'Ik ben Anders Show' 2017/2018 by Robin Butter

Commissioned in September but due to overcrowded agenda my news is not up to date..
(sorry sorry sorry!!)

This is my favorite portrait of André from this year. 
We have been working together now for a few years, and i really like how every portrait every year turns out completely different. 


Robin Butter Andre Anders theatre poster season 2017 2018 portrait abstract black and white

April 2017 - on assignment The Hague City Archives 'Dag van Haagse Geschiedenis' by Robin Butter

Robin Butter Dag van de Haagse Geschiedenis 2017 Staten Der Generale Tweede Kamer Roltrap portret bezoeker
Robin Butter Dag van de Haagse Geschiedenis 2017 Museum Gevangenenpoort portret bezoeker
Robin Butter Dag van de Haagse Geschiedenis 2017 Museum Gevangenenpoort portret bezoeker

The Hague City Archives has been organising this event for more than a decade now. The goal is to acquaint all residents of The Hague with the city’s rich history. The aforementioned participants will pool their resources to inform the public about the many different historical facets of The Hague. 

Here is a small edit i made of man listening to the guided tours. 
Locations: Prison Gate museum, House of Representatives. 

March 2017 - On assignment 'Ik ben Anders' show by Robin Butter

24th of March i have been photographing pieces of the show 'Ik ben Anders' @ the Zeeheldentheater in The Hague. A show created by André Anders for open mic, cabaret and dance. A quarterly show where recent performance graduates and students can try out new work.  

2017 February - NEW studio location! by Robin Butter

Together with colleague friends Hans Bracke en Daan Liu, we will occupy a new workspace @  Noordeinde in The Hague. So excited after months of refurbishing and renovating together with A Gallery Named Sue. More information soon..

2017 February - Der Greif Featured Artist // Guest Blog contributor by Robin Butter

Der Greif kindly asked me to be one of their contributors for the Artist Blog since and be one of the Featured Artists for 2017,  after having a part of 'It takes my mind off things public in the last issue of Der Greif Magazine #9. 

I haven't written this much about photography in a while, i know that i talk about it on a daily basis. With a lot of colleague friends, but this week has been a nice reflection on my own work and the artists that inspire me to get out of my head and get started!

For the link of the artist blog: click here

2016 December - Exhibition @ LhGWR The Hague by Robin Butter

Opening 10 december 2016, 15:00 - 17:00 uur
Tentoonstelling t/m 26 januari 2017
Stationsweg 137 The Hague

From the 10th of December till the 26th of January you can enjoy in the souterrain the exhibition My name in 100 colophons by my former teacher Vincent from the KABK.
Amazing photo books from my peers together with other alumni will be presented - some which are collectors items nowadays - including my graduation publication of 'It takes my mind off things'. 

Proud and awesomeness to see all these publications together presented.