Twenty-four first impressions

Everybody is guided by theatrical light, but these people are not real actors.
There is an ongoing game, as everything here revolves around making a good impression.
The right words are rehearsed in the best costumes and in three minutes only a fraction of their personalities is shown.
Whether a yes or a no arises at the end, there’ll always be a new chance in the next round.
Robin Butter researches signs of attraction that are to be captured in the smallest details.
As with all first dates it’s always a search in the darkness.

Speed dating is today a social and commercial phenomenon among other ways to find a partner in our busy and global society.
It paradoxically began in 1999 with Rabbi Yaacov Deyo who invented this system to allow Jewish single men and women to meet,
in a safe, chaperoned environment and therefore facilitate weddings in Los Angeles.
A bell is rung and you shift to another table. The woman stay in their seat as the men rotate after every 3 minutes.
Men crosses twice as often yes as women.
As the ladies rush to the restrooms in groups during the break, it shows that speed dating is a group activity for the females as the man often go alone.
The average speed dater has a Bachelor education, the experience of the companies has learned that 'education' is relevant to whether or not matching.
45% of the women make their decision after the first 30 seconds of meeting, compared to 22% of men.