Robin Butter (1987) is a visual artist from The Hague, the Netherlands. 
At a young age Robin already got fascinated, frustrated and drawn to power, secrecy and legacy; Our drive for survival.
Surprised by contradictions, she sees her work beautiful as ugly, funny and serious. 

Working together with groups as well as with individuals she takes on subjects about identity and people’s unique ways of self-expression.
She reflects on the behaviour of Western society in general as well as her own behaviour in particular, frequently asking herself; what does this say about our society now? 
Her practice involves extensive research and working on long-term projects, spending most of her time in the realm of cultural phenomena.
Robin is attracted to the strange, exceptional, to the hidden and unfamiliar in people and places, which seem undetectable, forgotten, neglected or out of reach.

Received her BA of design in photography at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2014. She self-published her first photobook ‘It takes my mind off things’ by the end of 2015. 
Robin enjoys her works as a freelance photographer for several clients and long term personal projects.

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Selected clients

FCA Group, BTS Business Through Strategy Stockholm, Career Select Nederland, Stichting Waterweg Cultuurprijs, De Correspondent, Gemeente Den Haag, Haags Gemeente Archief, Haags Uitfestival, Fa-bricage, Dag van Haagse Geschiedenis, Theater aan het Spui, Theater de Warenar, André Anders Weekendstarter, Splitternakt Vintage, Top Notch, De Volkskrant  


Fotobook Festival Kassel 2018 / -SYB- Sybren Kuiper / Video & Installation/ Documenta Halle
31 May - 3 June 2018, Kassel Germany

Hoogtij #52,/ 'Different Ways Of Portraiture' / Sue_ Das Lab / March 9th 2018, The Hague

Rotterdam Photo 2018, group exhibition 'After All I Still Want A Fox', Deliplein, 8th-11th February 2018

Foto Festival Schiedam / My Name In 100 Colophons' Vincent Baar / October 12-22th 2017

Foto Festival Naarden / de Gele Loods / May 20th - June 18 2017

Hoogtij #48 Sue_ Das LAB - A Gallery Named Sue / March 10th 2017

LhGWR, souterrain / 'My Name In 100 Colophons' Vincent Baar / December 2016 - January 2017/ The Hague, The Netherlands

Paris Photo, Grand Palais, Main sector H2 Dirk K. Boeken / Paris/ France/ Nov 2016

Group Exhibition : A Print Factory x SBK Kunst Uitleen / Amsterdam/ The Netherlands

8 Fotobookfestival & Editions Bessard Kassel / Beijing 2016,  Showing the Photobook, all photobooks designed by -SYB-, June/July, Beijing, China

Duo exhibition, with Gilleam Trapenberg, AGNS vs A Print Factory CONCRETE STORE, Feb/March, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Juraplatz Photo Exhibition, Life Framer, Juaraplatz Public Art  Space, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Group Exhibition: Life Framer, Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, United States

Group Exhibition: The Photobook As Art Object, It takes my mind off things, Dehli Photo Festival, New Dehli, India

Group Exhibition: A Print Factory vs A Gallery Named Sue, Art The Hague, The Netherlands

Showcase: Photobook Show, 'It takes my mind off things' Athens Photo Festival 2015, Greece

Showcase: Unseen Dummy Award 2014'It takes my mind off things'  Belfast Photofestival 2015, N. Ireland                                                

Showcase: Foto Festival Naarden, Kees Scherer Prijs 'It takes my mind off things' Naarden, The Netherlands                                                                                      

Group Exhibition: Vers Bloed/Fresh Blood, HKK, Denneweg, The Hague, the Netherlands

Exhibition: Body, group-exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Exhibition: Neu-Now, Reid Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Exhibition: 'Pow-Wow', Haagse Kunstkring, Denneweg, The Hague, the Netherlands

Exhibition: 'New Steps', Haagse Kunstkring, Denneweg, The Hague, the Netherlands

Exhibition: Graduation Festival, KABK, The Hague, the Netherlands

Exhibition: 'Het bakkie van.. de Haagse koffietent, The Hague City Hall, the Netherlands

Exhibition: 2103 Festival, Humanity House, The Hague, the Netherlands

Exhibition: New Dutch Photography Talent 2014, GUP Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Exhibition: 'LOOK' group exhibition KABK, Ypsilonpark, The Hague, the Netherlands

Screening: Uitgelicht 25, Filmhuis, The Hague, the Netherlands

Selected Features / Publications

Rotterdam Photo Talks, presentation/lecture/Q&A, Creative Space
Fenix II, Veerlaan 21 Katendrecht, Rotterdam, 10th February 2018

Live Youtube, interview by Cafe Obscura, obscuraLIVE 065 , 9th of February 2018,  see here

Interview/ Art Narratives read here

Featured Artist/ Artist Blog @ Der Greif read here


Publication: De Correspondent read here (Dutch)

Publication: Der Greif magazine #9

Featured: Fotografiamagazine, 'this week ten best photography sites'

Featured: Yet Magazine editorial 28.04.16 at: yet-magazine.com read here

Featured: Photo book 'It takes my mind off things' at Le livre de la semaine (book of the week) at: lesbranchouilles.com


Feature: New Dawn book review 'it takes my mind off things'

Feature: l'Oeil de la photographie Discoveries of Vienna Photobook Festival

Featured: SPBH Book Du Jour

Awards/ Grants/ Nominations

2015 Granted, Stroom Pro Kunstprojecten 

2014 Winner, Ydoc Foundation Ydoc Bookapp Prize 2014 Nominated, Unseen Dummy Award

Public Collections

The Hague Municipal Archives, The Hague, The Netherlands
Hellenic Centre for Photography Athens, Athens, Greece

Assisting & Selected work Experience

2018 Technical assistent Michael Wolf 'The Real Toy Story' Fotomuseum The Hague

2017/2018 Master-class Corinne Noordenbos

2017 Business assistent Direct Art BV

2015-current Supervisor first year students KABK field-trip Recontres d'Arles 

2015 Guidance/Consulting, Educatie C&C project, STROOM Den Haag vs Maris College Belgisch Park, 

2015 Fotodok Master-class Rob Wetzer + Erik Vroons

2013 Assisting/Intern at Nicolai Howalt

2013 Assisting/Intern at Trine Søndergaard

2008-2010, Photographer/Editor at Studio Oostrum

2008 Assisting/Intern at Martien de Man